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Featuring 10 Levels, EXIT, is a quick Puzzle Solving game! Use you wits, imagination, and mind, to pass these ten trials of death, and amazement. Navigate through Blocks, Water, Slopes, Trap Doors, and even invisible Platforms!

Walkthrough -

Level One - Run throught the level to the EXIT
Level Two - Jump over the block and to the EXIT
Level Three - Jump in and out of the pool to the EXIT
Level Four - Jump on the first block, into the pool, then out and then run to the EXIT
Level Five - Jump over the grey squares to the EXIT
Level Six - Run up slope, jump on floating block, jump off floating block to the right, run to EXIT
Level Seven - Jump on small block, jump to bigger block, then jump to the floating block on the right, run to back of block, then jump at the very edge, jump on top block then Exit
Level Eight - Run up slope, then jump down the hole in the middle
Level Nine - Jump over tiny blocks, jump over trap door, run to EXIT.
Level Ten - Keep walking to the right, you will start to move up towards the fake exit. Right before you reach the middle of the level jump to the right, and you will land on another invisible playform. Then run to the right to get to the exit.

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Needs alot of work.....

But it was a good try anyways, a lot of bugs but in sure you will work that out.

Killed 5 minutes

Game was a little too easy. I mean, level ten was fairly simple. Please make a more challenging game.

TehBoss responds:

Meh, Exit IV is more challanging.

Good idea, bad outcome...

It could be fun, but it has some really bad bugs, like when I fall thorugh a trap, I just fall forever, the art and effects need some more work. But defenantly try making more. Maybe an Exit 2 :)?

TehBoss responds:

you got your wish, exit 2 is out.

not bad

has good potential.. needs more levels some music... nice lil backround img for maybe the different levels.. just ideas...

TehBoss responds:

I added music, and will soon add level packs to download as .exe, and I will occasionaly update this one

i put 9

I liked it but the trap doors needed some work

TehBoss responds:

Don't worry I know

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

May 14, 2008
9:20 PM EDT
  • Flash 8