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Reviews for "EXIT I"

Needs more

I give you a six because you seem to be really enthusiastic about it, and I like the creativity, and joking around. But you're leaving people in the dark on some parts. A level select or restarting each level after you die would help a lot.

TehBoss responds:


pretty short

but good


It's ok.. have to figure out and restart three times on what to do on level 8 before I finished the game.

sorry, but

The game was poorly made. It would be fun if it was more challenging. I fell through the "trap door" and it didn't do anything. Also, the character was levitating. If you want stuff to make it here, you have to make every single thing right. But i understand. Nice try though, you gave it your best. And next time, add some music! You need some jams or it'll be boring! :) So give it another go! Very smooth walking motion too!

TehBoss responds:

Actually, no, I didn't give it my best, but yeah, it's supposed to be short and stuff. I'll try and fix some stuff!

Not so blamable, but not so complex and addictive

I doubt this will be blamed but if it does, you might wanna add audio, levels, effects,a and stuff