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Mad Vlad II: Revamped

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UPDATE 19/07/2008: Finally got around to ironing out the major bugs. Respawning glitches should no longer occur, and you should no longer get stuck in walls on your right hand side. Apologies to any inconvenience this has caused. There should also be a player version checker at the start so you know what version you're using. If the new version isn't up on NG yet, be sure to check my site (<<) for it.

This is a pretty big file (see left), so it'll probably take a while to load, even before the preloader shows up. It'll also take a while to complete, but there's a save option in-game so you can always come back to it.

It's my first AS3 project, so you need Flash Player 9 installed (which you should have already). It should run pretty smoothly in all browsers, but if you have any problems the pause menu (P) allows you to change quality. In addition, you can use the pause menu to reset the screen in the highly unlikely event of a fatal glitch.

Controls are described in-game:

ARROWS: Movement
A: Jump
S: Attack (once you pick up your weapons)
D: Interact
MOUSE: Aim and shoot in certain levels
P: Pause (allows change of quality and options for exiting levels and restarting screens)

Once again I'd like to state how big this game is. It's taken ages to finish making. I'd like to thank all my audio artists (I don't have room enough for every track, so I've added at least one for every artist) and Tom Fulp for being so great about sponsoring and making this site in the first place.

That's it, really. Enjoy!

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Saudades desse jogo...😢

Really wish this game still worked :/. It just freezes on the first level. Shame that none of us can return to play it again for the nostalgia. I suppose it was fated to happen, no computer game lasts forever.


Very good. I've played this before and enjoyed it and am replaying now I have an account to get the medals.

And you can see the work put in when you go to fight the two Lieutenants to the main boss and you get the kind of mini-games within the main platforming design - the level where you have to dodge in and out of shadow when the Werewolf is sniping at you might be my favourite level actually.

The sunlight mechanic was interesting and the level when you have to continually keep moving through the desert to avoid the sun was inventive. Story wasn't bad for a flash game story.

You should feel proud of yourself.

its okay

its okay but gets boring at times

What a bad game.

In my opinion a waste of your time. Overthink this. Sorry