_-={Wrath of a Broken Soul}=-_

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For Esca. A once noble warrior betrayed by everything swears to destroy the very same!

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Such a powerful song!

Its hard to not close my eyes and just let my mind fly away, to visualise a battle of epic proportions with this song as the its theme... I also recognise a small resemblance in the melody to some battle scenes from Final Fantasy and in all honesty, I think this piece is nothing short of fantastic!


I can feel all the hate of the univers in this lol.


She betrayed him used him and so he turns to his only friend now darkness. Evil burned into his heart, his hate for the world bigan to grow. Now everything is set the stage is ready the actors are in place. The cruel game begins and the world gives birth to another broken heart.


You should really do film music, you're a hell of a lot better than most of the shit out there. If I could hug you. I would. -imaginary hug-

I can see where the betrayal fits in.

It's another very well done piece submitted by you. However, the betrayal wasn't done to a hero. It was done to a nightmarish biological weapon used by a power-mad nation to quickly end a war against the United Nations so they could take the rest of the world with ease. Prototype C-357 finished off the last of an entire platoon of Marines. The general and the staff at the operations command facility decide they no longer need C-357. At 0:00 to 0:30, the contianer on the back of C-357 releases a deadly chemical substance that is supposed to liquify his flesh. C-357 drops to his knees and starts to shout in pain. He opens his eyes and can see something diabolical happening happening to his muscle and his skin. He is starting to bleed out in several places. He can't help but let out tears and grunt from the pain. From 0:31 to 0:51, the small squad of soldiers he fought with looks on, some disgusted with what's going on. The day the military decided to cancel the prototype, the captain of that very squad had documented orders to terminate the prototype himself if the chemical should fail to liquify C-357. At 0:52 to 1:12, the monitoring screen that displayes what the bioweapon's eyes are seeing fades away into static. The staff at the facility are talking among themselves about how much of a success C-357 was, and are kind of sad to see him terminated. A general questions the president of the bioweapon manufacturing company what the next wepaon will look like. C-357 is lying down on his face in a massive pool of blood, but his flesh was not liquified. The squad accompanying himwonders if he is actually dead. A staff sergeant seems to think so. He walks over to the body. At 1:13 to 1:41, the weapon starts to get back up. Half way, he turns around while drawing his combat knife and slices open the throat of the sergeant. The sergeant crashes to the ground on his back, grasping his mortal wound with both hands. The rest of the squad stares, astonished. At the facility, one of the monitors begins to redisplay the vital signs of C-357. His heart is beating steadily again, and his bleeding has ceased. The internal damage he took is healing very quickly.
"Oh......crap," one of the scientists mutters.
The squad (but not the captain) kneel and hold down the triggers on their H&K G6's until they run out of ammunition. C-357 absorbs all of the rounds while stumbling back. He then steadies himself, and the 7.62 mm rounds are forced out of his body and fall to the ground. He grips his 13mm flechette rifle, and fires away. The captain's men fall over with gigantic holes pouring out gore. At 1:42 to the end, C-357 charges up to the captain. All the captain does is stare. The bioweapon stops a few centimeters away from him, steals his UMP, and breaks it in half. Thunder sounds, rain starts to drizzle, and C-357 walks away very slowly. The captain just stares with most of his teeth showing.

Thanks for submitting this piece!