Chronicles Of Jason

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This is an animation i created for my Moving Image Arts class, which has already been handed in for assessment. This is my second attempt at Flash animation, my first being a short experimental film which is a prologue to this, but nothing important happens so you don't need to watch it. The idea was first made when i did PowerPoint animations with stick men. I've now upgraded to anime-ish characters.
I just thought I would post it up here and see how true Flash addicts and critics would see it, since I'm the only one that did animation and everyone in the school loves it. I just want someone to actually tell me what i need to improve on, and hopefully, that they like it =)
The voice acting isn't perfect but it was my first attempt at that and the mcrophone i used was a bit bad. I did all the voice acting for the males, my cousins did the girls (they don't wanna be named =P)
The original bgm i used were changed to put it online since they were famous songs. Music thanks goes to Evil-Dog for his "Boss" song and "Golem War: Battle"
Well enjoy and please give me feedback (positive only please =P)
Thanks in advance

BTW... 4.5 MB so it may take a while to load

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Pretty okay

Not the best I've seen. But Definently has potential.


good flash but there were three thangs that are buging me
1 the runing
2 the voices wern't too good
3 there was mothing to show time pasing the girl was taken and then it was two days later???
other than those problems it was good

gotenks-3000 responds:

Maybe i should have mentioned it above... A scene was originally meant to go in between where the music changes. Jason was meant to fight two of Harson's sons, Alex and Steve, but the animation only needed to be 90 seconds, and it already was without that scene, so i never made it...
Thanks for the review anyway, wow!


Pretty good, 3/5, 6/10

It was decent, but they ran like that had something stuck up their butts..

gotenks-3000 responds:

I know... i could have done a bit more to the running, but i had to rush it...

Nice style

The only thing I have to say with this is, It needs a little body movement.

It looks kinda weird without it, though I like the anime style.

Hasn't improved.

Is this a new breed of Friday the 13th?

gotenks-3000 responds:

What do you mean? This has nothin to do with friday the 13th...

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2.40 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
6:56 PM EDT