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Pico For President

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Pico Is Running his Campaign Commercial

i kinda made this on pico day heh.

if i were president!if i were president!if i were president!

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nice movie

p.s. preloader fail. especially on the ads part. seriously.

NhollowWearthO responds:

postscript fail


He can't count on my vote :p

Ho by the way: the drawing could have been better but it was hilarious so i'll give you 6/10 and 3/5.
You just need to *upgrade* your drawing skills and it will be great.

NhollowWearthO responds:

for sure, it was my first try, on flash mx but if tom gives me a tablet my flashes will be amazing, plus i made it the day of pico :P

Not that good.

The flash was pretty bland,the animation was pretty off and the sound quality was bad,the one thing great here was the preloader. =P

i loved the preloader

and thats it that gives yo 5 stars and a 2/5

Oh god...

That preloader was the best... Preloader... I have ever seen.

Simply hilarious and I congradulate you on having teh genious to make it : D

On the other hand, the preloader may be awesome-sauce (hey for my submission, I was too scared to even mess with the preloader at all, not that i ever even submitted my submission lazy, lol) but the video needs a shitload of work. I agree with Archis in everything he said. Every little thing. even the hypocrite part, cause i've never even got a submission in, lol, I've been blammed the one time i had the nerve to put in a submission... I may be glad for that... But nowadays I'm more careful about what i submit.

Enough about me, I don't matter.

The animation needs to be cleaner, I hope your using flash 8 or CS3 at the least (I'm not, I'm still stuck in the dark ages with MX, lol) because otherwise your life mayt be somewhat more complicated in the learning curve. I spent days in the tut section learning everythin i could about everything. There are some really great tutorials out there, and most of the best are under the radar. look up (or just find it in my favs, but you'll have to wade through a lot of submissions, lol) background tutorial, because there is a great one that really taught me a lot about how I draw. also, Ultimate tutorial is godly. That tutorial is absolutely positively amazing, and I recommend reading every last thing in the flash section before you even think about anything, be it game, or movie.

Those are what helped me improve my art.

The sound is also lacking and that is slightly more difficult to fix. I assume you use Audacity or some other, better program... If you don't, audacity is free, just google it. It may be your mic, and the only solution for that is just straight up buying a new one... Lol, sorry, but that's what I had to do...

I hope what I said helped. Good luck, bro. You have some good ideas in your head, and i hope you can expand them.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
11:54 PM EDT

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