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Reviews for "Pico For President"

A poor first attempt, but keep trying

For your first attempt, a result like this is to be expected. Be proud, you've done better than some long-timers I've seen. Don't give up, you'll get better with practice. Wow... I suddenly feel like such a huge hippocrit xD.

I'll have to judge this against the same standards as everyone else, so please don't take the low score the wrong way. Keep trying man.


idk if its just the character the colbert plays on his show, or if everything he brags about him self is made up for fun, but i DO NOT like that guy, cuz hes an egotistical showoff and i cant say more cuz den i will get banned ^^

NhollowWearthO responds:

good for you


I still think Stephen Colbert shoud have been allowed to run for president, he would make an awesome president, then again, his show might get cut and then there might be no more Colbert Report!

NhollowWearthO responds:

o no!! That sux ass