Make a Smilie V1

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V2 http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/436169

more options needed ;)
no sound will also be added in V2
have fun:D

you can make ash ketchum if ur good :P


Awesome !

Just cool 'n' awesome

This is awesome!

I made a creepy unieyed guy! i luv u bitch... 2 agressive? ok... i luv this!

silverwar responds:

thanks than you would love V2 and probebly wet your self its going to be released at the beggining of may;)


is it okay, if i print screen, crop it, and use as avatar or something?

silverwar responds:

i would like that:D
i think i will enjoy that more than you will do ;)

I like it.

It's amusing. I particularly like the seizure inducing background you can pick. Could be improved with more features, and an interface that prevents you from going past the option you want, or at least a button that lets you go backwards. Just goes to show that flash games don't have to be all about zombies and rocket launchers. Even though those are awesome too...

The Good, The Bad...and The Overall!

Well drawn graphics.
Lots of emotions availiable.
The ability to insert you're own speech
lead to some humorous quotes.
No sound, i know you'll have heard this before, but it's important.
Not many options, perhaps let us change Eyebrows, Scars, Cheeks(Blush,fat etc)
Let us chage the colour of more parts. E.G, The black spiky hair was just that, black, perhaps you could let us change it's colour.
Not bad for a first attempt. It's much better to a lot of the garbage that gets on here. Keep up the good work!

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silverwar responds:

im first going to make a make a smile V2 that has sound and a back button more options and a better graphix

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2.09 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2008
9:53 AM EDT
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