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Reviews for "Make a Smilie V1"

The Good, The Bad...and The Overall!

Well drawn graphics.
Lots of emotions availiable.
The ability to insert you're own speech
lead to some humorous quotes.
No sound, i know you'll have heard this before, but it's important.
Not many options, perhaps let us change Eyebrows, Scars, Cheeks(Blush,fat etc)
Let us chage the colour of more parts. E.G, The black spiky hair was just that, black, perhaps you could let us change it's colour.
Not bad for a first attempt. It's much better to a lot of the garbage that gets on here. Keep up the good work!

silverwar responds:

im first going to make a make a smile V2 that has sound and a back button more options and a better graphix


Is was okay, but the thing that would benefit it most in my opinion would be a button that lets you scroll thru the parts, instead of accidentally passing one, and going all the way thru to get to it again.

Could use some finishing!

I'd say make it so you can scroll back and forth through items, its a real hassle to have to scroll all the way to the end and start over. Some more content, maybe some hair that fell in front of the smilies face, it seems so static otherwise. Some sound of course. Maybe a light 'click' sound as well. The scar goes over the cigarette : ( Maybe move some of the extra's over a bit more so theyre not covering alot of the smiley up. Also, some environmental backgrounds to go with some of those extra's would be great! Such as a sand scene for the pyramid, a hell background for the devil and so on. The buttons could be spruced up a bit more too, make'em more interesting and such. Its not so bad though, could be fun to play with!

Not too bad! Keep at it! : D Make it awesome.

Man what a fun game!

This game is awsome! Dude congatgulations. I don't know why but I really like it. I'm gonna post a News about it on my userpage! It's really cool because it's simple not like most games that try to be better than they are. Great job man I'll be expecting more from you!


that game needs improvement, more extras, hair styles, maybe some hats and stuff, some cool backgrounds and, of course, music.
other than that it was good