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Mini Stickbattle

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This is my first flash movie, and is extremely short. It's basically two stick figures fighting.

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The movie ought to be called: Stick Star Wars. There's the lightsaber and "The Force" in this movie, just like the regular Star Wars.
Why don't you make another movie where there are 2 stick figures fighting a duel. The clock strikes three and one of them is shot. Then a mob of people run into both of the stick figures and they get squashed.
Just my suggestion, nothing important.
At least you learned a lesson from your first one. Then you can make a better one.

Nice music

Nice choice on music. The backgrounds were a bit choppy (obviously tiled), and the animation/art wasn't really good. Also, I would personally only give this a Mild Violence rating.

Good lightsaber though =p


the flashing lights hurt my eyes, still its decent considering its your first


I waited three minutes for that?!
1. optimize your music!
2. watch theextreme stick tutorial, ( in the flash tutorials part of this site) and make another.

not bod

for your first flash thats not bad
its better then my first flash was lol
send me a pm ill give you some tips