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IndestructoTank A.E.

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Update: Balance Issues improved / Music Loop Fixed / Fanservice Engine Optimised
IndestructoTank A.E., or Anniversary edition, is a remake (with extra features) of the Flash that made my name, 365 days ago today. This is for all the fans who have helped my submissions over the years, and especially Tom Fulp for propelling the original IndestructoTank to its pedestal heights back in March 07 with his kind frontpage words which exploded it's popularity, and Armor games, who paid out the big bucks when it came second in the big Armor Games Summer 07 competition and eventually lead to me being hired full time by them to do something I love doing and would gladly do for free!

So have fun, and strap on your IndestructoBelts, it's a bumpy ride for sure!

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the ost is godly,but the fact that you have to start over when your fuel runs out makes it exhausting at times

as much as i love the-exp and even this game in particular, I can't give it a passing score because resetting progress when running out of fuel is too big of a design flaw to forgive.

I cant make it normal and it lags like crap. How can I change it after selecting High the first time?

Play just a couple of times & you'll be hooked

This is such a fun and entertaining game. It's one of those kind of games that once you play, you'll want to keep trying to get better and better. That's because it's really addicting. Just play and you'll see what I mean.

add some idea's

indistructo tank Manufatured by WII PSP, XBOX360 make a better version with different vechiles to pick and add weapons to make it cooler...