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Reviews for "IndestructoTank A.E."

Damn you...

My window wouldn't close, it went 45 minutes without closing. I wasn't sure if it was malicious, or viral, or what. Then I realized what the problem was - my own lack of willpower. The window wasn't closing, because I couldn't stop playing...damn you...
After Indestructotank 2, I wasn't really expecting much - everyone knows the first one was the best. So, making this game a basically revamped, beefed up version of the first was DEFINITELY a good move.
Getting bored? Play co-op mode. Alone. Just make sure you're ready for it...


Great game, but an option to turn off music and sounds would be nice.


The biggest aspect here is the faster paced action. The improved frame rate and overall speed of this game has been polished to the minorest details. This is officially my lunch time game of choice. Excellant, just plain excellant.


Yeah! Make it so you can't move when you run out of fuel, because the fuel is what makes you blow up in real life. There shouldn't be any dieing.


No medals earned. No units maxed out. I keep exploding in mid-air. And yet I got to run over a guy in flight gear.

I love this game!