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Bombing Mission

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You have to destroy all the 52 guns on the ground by firing rockets from your fighter, before your fighter health becoms zero, due to ground fire. Move your fighter by using, Left, Right, Down, and Up, arrow keys. Fire your rockets by clicking the space bar. If your rockets hit the enemy you earn 10 credit points. If the enemy rockets hit your fighter your fighter health gets reduced by 5%, and if it becomes zero the game ends.

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Way to easy

If you just go to the bottom, then shoot all tof them, then work your way up, its to easy. try to make them move back and forth or, perhaps have them shoot one direction, then the other.

to easy

same as cribb good game but if u just fly down and kill everthign on the left u just stay at the lowest row and work up way to easy and way to hard if u go from the top down cool idea for the game just needs more work

giving u a 3 was a good try but im sure u can do better


go to the bottom the shoot all of them go up a lvl and shoot them. repeat till all are gone.

you should have had a cool background or made the turrets rotate. please tell me this was just a beta !

Pretty cool!

This was actually entertaining! It was simple (in a good way!), but would be muuch better if you'd put more effort into the graphics.. Nice concept! ;D

cagedlion responds:

Thanks! I hope you could complete mission successfully,

Could be a good game, but

There's two major flaws hurting this game right now, the first one is that the ground fire is very hard or most times, impossible to avoid because the fighter moves too slow, and there's not enough time to react when the bullets come on screen. The other issue involves the gun, when I change direction, the bullet changes with me in mid-air, thus making it more difficult to score hits without getting shot.

Fix these two problems and you'll be good.

cagedlion responds:

Please see the clue given below to win the game easily!

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2008
9:48 AM EDT