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Bombs 3

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Daily 3rd =D!
Intructions glitch fixed
Explosion Sound glitch fixed
Now it is easier to get powerups
After 6 months in production , bombs 3 finally finished!
This installment contains:
-4 epic levels
-4 booming bosses
-4 amazing songs
-Hypnotizing graphics
-And Each level comes with it's own enemy design and explosion sprite!
I've compresses the file size as much as possible so that you dont have to wait too long!

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i beat the last boss with a single chain of 1135 lol just alot of sitting around
one thing i didnt like was when i had 19 e speeds i couldnt "land"anywhere to get more without dieing


it was alright.i liked the concept and the music and the graphics wernt to bad.it was just kind of repetitive,not very addictive.i also realized that there is a slight delay before the explosion when you click,so you cant be to close to the enemy.but that all depends on timing.keep trying though!


it was fun but i never could kill the boss need to lower his health a little. unless everyone else thought he was easy.

Fun while it lasted.

i thought it ws fun. i mean it did have good music (or bad depending on what you think). though its not really fun after a while it gets kinda boring. i did like the whole idea of the game and how the games was played but it really just desn't catch me after a few minutes. i did like how the swich the music from the main screen to the game. it was fun i guess.

Needs something

I haven't even played yet, but I probably won't because it has no way to turn off the music. I don't want to have to stop mine just to play this.