-API- Paradise on E [REMIX]

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Special thanks to B0UNC3. Reviews appreciated.

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Going on a nostalgia trip here: my favorite song from Platform Racing 2!

***Jan. NAC 2019 Judge review***

I feel so conflicted about this song. The song really gets extremely enjoyable at the one minute mark. Makes me wanna punch people on ecstasy. It's great.

But it's too short and the first 30 seconds are so boring and bland. Ending is weak.

High energy.

sheesh man, what an intimidating song hahaha.. B0UNC3 made this, and we all remixed it, but yours was always the most popular one of them all cuz well.. you're API! Lol.. ohh geier..

this is great, but it does clip quite a bit and imo is a tad too compressed which sacrifices head room in favour of just sheer POWER - but still pretty damn awesome :)

I'll give ya 4 outta 5 :)

-shawn (Chronamut)-

Wtf this us 13 years old and it still sounds good.

ayy lmao