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Knights Castle

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Squire 5 Points

Begin the Game

A True Knight 100 Points

Finish the Game!

Author Comments

Knights Castle is a defence game where you must protect your castle at all cost from the waves of enemies using your Valiant Knight, slay them all! so you can go back to eating muffins and watching the footy, or whatever Knights in overly large castle these days do.

- 40 Waves
- 11 Spells

Arrow keys to move and space to slash sword.
S to bring up the skill window
spells you can either click on them or you can press ~ through to 9, remember first one on the left is the ~ which is the squiggly, its left on the number 1.

Right click to change quality

=EDIT= - Added pause button
- Buffed Angel Damage
- Fixed Pause Death Timer

Music -

Warefare in the Midst by Nipplesmaster
Winds of War by Medieval7

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After failing the final level and trying again, I have finally beat the game. I gotta say though. The no continue idea was pretty shitty though. I'm not gonna lie, I almost said fuck it and I almost gave up on the medal yesterday when I found that if you die the game is like, fuck you! You die, you go all the way back to level 1. fuckoffasshole below actually made a few good points about the game. But I won't slam you hard as he did. I suggest next time you make a game like this, have a save section, and have upgrades with weapons and a little less being reliant on spells. Other than that, it's a great idea, and it's got potential.

40 waves of pure crap. Adding medals for this game was pure douchery.

No damage upgrade. Shitty spells. Shitty cooldown.
Too hard. It's baffling that this game has good ratings, but it's even more baffling
why have you decided to add medals to so many old and cringe-bad games of yours.

Edit: nothing says better how shitty this game is, when you get to wave 37 that lags enormously, because shitload of villains. You die, and they completely wreck your castle, and then there is "game over, start again". I wish I could give a -1 rating.

Eggy responds:

Thank you for your kind review

Make it a unlimited length of time to beat and you can do a sandbox and all of that crud. Gotta cut the review short cause my PC is about to auto shut down itself. I'll send a PM on what I was gonna say(In Detail)later. Sorry.

Eggy responds:

Hmm youre right I should of added that mode

The music was enough

lol alone the music pumped you up i love this song :) as for lazzyvato if you dont like then why play????

Eggy responds:

Thanks and true! :)

lame ass game...

nothing ever changes...
same thing just cuz of upgrades...
lame too lame...
once dey kill you ur like finaly i can stop playing...