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SlashClassic16: Washu <3

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Bet you never thought you'd see me again, huh? I'd like to thank Newgrounds for all the support I've gotten over the years, and I have something to give in return! It turns out that I have one last Slash Classic in my bag of tricks, and it's a good'un! :-D

This episode is about the legendary Newgrounds goddess LittleWashu, the first new user in years to get the Gold Whistle! I know some of you youngsters may not remember this, but it used to be INSANELY hard to get gold---as in tens of thousands of successful flags---but she did it anyway!

Even though having a Deity Whistle is no longer maddeningly difficult, she is still the Flag Queen. <3


I respond to ALL reviews! And if anyone has any questions about the whistle process, how to flag abusive reviews or rulebreaking flashes, blamming and protecting, etc...drop me a PM and I'll be glad to help you out.

P.S.---Slash N' Littlewashu 4 MAY occur this year. Depends on if I get enough moneys to buy Flash again. :-P

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Hmmm well this one was interesting the {VOICe} was ok but would have been better with some {SUBTITLES} the art could have been a little bit better to like with the character with the stop sign you should give these characters more character personalities more formations and not just like stick figures, some little more effort and time with the characters would help alot on these situations and generally making it better, also adding some improved {BACKROUNDS} would also help as the ones you had were just white backrounds, but other then that its an ok flash series and somewhat entertaining

A few changes could be made to make this abit better and more improved like a few things i said above like, backrounds, more improved looking art with characters and so on.

overall a good flash, entertaining and amusing


Nice Story

The story is touching, but the animation is not there. You should have animated your and Washu's bodies instead of using stick figures. Most scenes have no backgrounds at all. add some nice backgrounds and make the flash corlorful.
Having watched all your Washu and ramagi related movies, it appears that you are really sexually obsessed with them. Next time, you should consider making a movie about them fighting against each other in a death match for your love. ;)


I think this flash sends a good message and it's funny as hell. Good work, even though it was a bit creepy in some spots (I AM NOT CALLING YOU A FUCKING STALKER LOLOLOLOL) and you already admitted that your flash skill sucks.

Nice tribute, good humor

SlashFirestorm responds:

I really need to make updates to a lot of my stuff.

I've always wanted to remake my Clock Day '06 flash to showcase the skills I've learned since then (LOL), along with the Secret Episode I made for myself (I'm a SUPREME COMMANDER now, ahahaha).

lollazythough fuck

I remember seeing this before

That was so long ago when I had so much time to flag abuse. How I miss the way it used to be but things change. As for this flash It made me laugh a while ago but in a way it was a bit creepy. Keep up the good work

Smooches ^_^

SlashFirestorm responds:

The director's cut was even creepier. It was all hot, lurid action involving you, me, and something run on batteries. And maybe a cheetah.

I'm with ya on this one.

Yeah, the portal is cluttered with spam lately, and part of it has to do with stat-whoring, but a good chunk of the spam is put through by crews who vote 5 on everything they put up. Some of these crews have lot's of members, and even the shittiest flashes get through, some are even collabs with 10 users, strangely enough.

I watch these things, and sometimes I wish I hadn't and just want that lost minute or two of my life back, but watching shitty flashes just makes you appreciate the good ones that much more. One thing's for sure, I don't pull any fucking punches when I vote, if it deserves to get blammed, then I vote 0. Somewhere in the middle, I'll vote depending on how the flash affects me. As for real top tier stuff, well, you can pretty much guess at that one.

My way of fighting spam; working on a quality flash of my own. Been almost 2 months and I'm still in the early stages of production. I'm also learning flash as I go, so there'll probably be numerous revisions before I even think about putting it on the portal, not like some people who slap something together in an afternoon and hope for the best.

Keep fighting the good fight, I've got your back.

SlashFirestorm responds:

When it comes to flash crews, really only a few have enough power to heavily influence UJ flash (and could be outdone if enough Newgrounders voted fairly). However, crews can easily get certain awards (underdog and TOTW) by mass-voting/reviewing on their own flash and others' flash.

I remember watching the TOTW fights back when I was still active with flash. Lots of mass voting and AIM drama. And for what? It's stupid. I remember when random, unlucky souls got TOTW, and it was always fun to see what the bare minimum of Newgrounds currently was.

Nowadays, there are more people fighting for Turd than for Daily/Weekly awards. What the fuck is up with that?

Continue voting fairly, whistle stolen flash and abusive reviews whenever you come across them, help confused newbies understand the system, etc, and maybe we can get Newgrounds to kick ass again.

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2.54 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2008
2:07 AM EDT