Alex Seryoua: Episode I

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Episode One

Join Alex as she faces the unknown in her new original series!
Each episode will be uploaded as they are completed. I have been working on this for over two months now. There is abundant detail and clues for coming episodes.
I really do hope you enjoy the premiere for my new cartoon series.

Created by:
Dan Berry

Written by:
Dan Berry
Ed Hollis
Austin Soplata

Voice of Alex by:
Hilary Neblett


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Any sign of Episode two?

excellent animations and drawing style

v cool. i'd like to see where you go with it


i admit it was interesting but some things didn't make any sense i reckon you should of put more detail into the animation so the watchers know whats going on and think of the choices a average human would make in a situation like this i admit there are a lot of assholes in this world but when you see other people trapped that need help you would at least try and help them specially if you know their gonna be dissected like lab rats anyway you have potential i hope in episode 2 it explains a bit more of what happened in episode 1


Good work my man.people are making comments about the storyline.well at least the graphics are sweet. in plus storyline or not it has action. also Im pretty sure making this is not easy.keep it up man.

It was cool.

It was pretty cool. The animation could be better and it was a bit weird at times.

I've read your response for CombineAdvisor and I still think there your explanation on the full story is still full of weird plot holes and a few of the things don't make sense. For example, when you say, "Apollo 13 was an alien attack," how was that mission an alien attack, when the astronauts were just sent to the moon to make some observations. And where did the astronauts make contact with the aliens and how did that go? Another was Rosewell. That was back in 1947; way before we even thought about going into space and our relations with the Soviet Union was deteriorating then.

The whole second paragraph didn't make any sense at all either. Why would the aliens take over the United States alone with subtlety and not take over the entire world with brute force? And how is the main heroine a good candidate into the plan of the aliens taking over the US? Also, how were the humans who were captured corrupted and what were they implanted with? A tracking device? An electrical collar, but only its internal?

There's just so much questions that are not answered, it's completely confusing. If the plot holes were fixed and most of the questions were answered, it could become a good flash series.

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2008
4:27 PM EST