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Phoenix Wrong-Objection 2

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Ok i finally got it done. Its a bit longer than last one, and in my opinion a lot better, so enjoy!!! Also Theres an easter egg, Feel free to use tab idc...
The Audio I used:
Harvey Birdman - Mentok
Harvey Birdman - Phil
Harvey Birdman - Theme Song
Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Boxy Brown
Family Guy - Scooby Doo Murder Files
Weird Al - Amish Paradise
Easter Egg - Its a surprise lol you will know what it is.

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easter egg hint

After Watching many Phoenix Wrong flashes....

I wonder what would happen if Phoenix objected WEEGEE??? Hm.... I wonder if he will turn into a WEEGEE too... -_-


good job that was pretty funny when that guy was talking like meatwad from adult swim but wheres the easter egg?

This is the reason...

That everytime I go "Haha" I have to end it with "dangly parts". XD

Good job. ^^

ha ha

ha ha ha...

keep up the good work!