Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong-Objection 2"

Swing! ...and a miss.

Don't get me wrong, I love the phoenix wrong stuff, but things were just a shave off. It's good enough to be added to the plethora of other nods in the PW world here at NG, so do not be discouraged.

It was amusing

I don't know the original being parodied or the derivation of most of the sprites, so I took it on its own merits. And, as such, it was all right. Not great, but all right.

Close but no cigar...sorry.

It's good enough to majke it to the collection in my opinion but it wasn't very well done and it was mostly stuff from adult swim that wasn't funny the first time I heard it but hopefully you'll do another one with some better sound clips.


It wasn't bad. Not near the best, but there are some horrible ones, and this definitely does not fall into that catagory. Worth the watch :D

I look forward to more.

So original

So you took sprites from someone else's stuff and audio from someone else's stuff, and call it YOUR stuff. I can't accept that, no.

I accidentally voted 5 on this. I'll remember to vote lower tomorrow to make it up.

ViNcEnTxX responds:

Listen, if you don't like sprites why did you watch it? You should have noticed that it was sprites once you opened it. That doesnt mean you have to 0 it everyday just because it has sprites. Some of the best animations on NG are sprites.