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The NG Rules

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After months and months of labor, finally, I give you the "NG Rules". It's my dream come true -- a flash version of the rules for this site, and it's long overdue.

I respond to all reviews, so please, leave one.

Edit: I know that this flash is glitched. xD

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You tottaly think that was awesome!, Have you ever heard of Newgrounds FAQ!, Why do you want to make this flash, You know what!

Nomader responds:

No, I'm not really sure I do not what, sorry.

Wow. Simply amazing

You could of read the rules to us. I mean wtff am I suppose to read that shit. You know dog. Oh and you won't get turd unless your a star syndicate clone group anymore.

Nomader responds:

Yeah I've noticed-- which kind of blows, oh well. Yeah, well shit, that would've been too much work wouldn't it? Haha thanks for the review dude.

There we go.

Sorry but this review wont be as epic as the one for the 2nd because I just wanted to say again, love the music, cant even think if thats the same song, but again makes the rules seem important to me. All new users should have to read the rules and listen to music like that lol.

Oh and this speeds better I could actual read it all at a decent speed...Until it glitched that is.

Nomader responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch dude!

This one I actually did put effort into, but I ended up uploading the wrong version. Quite frankly, the new ones are piles of cow dung and are intended to be just that.

I appreciate all the interest you've taken in the "NG Rules" series -- be sure to check out the newest one, set to the tune of Halo music with pink text. :P



Little effort from you went into this, I could make an exact replica of what you made in about half an hour. However... the idea is new and you did find the music. Also, it showed something worthwhile and relevant to the site.

Kind regards -

Nomader responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch for reviewing!

Indeed, it took me about an hour to make it. I'm terrible with flash, so I made just one giant motion tween and crossed my fingers that it would make it through the portal. And it did -- I got lucky, to be quite frank.


Lovely stuff.

This flash was an absolute joy to sit through. Never have I been so thoroughly entertained! It was so pleasant of you to have the rules flying by so rapidly. If anything is going to help me read at a faster pace it will most certainly be this! This production was so wonderful that I feel it should be compulsary for it to be placed at the start of every flash on this website. Maybe the text could be a rather splendid pink instead though. This could the sequel perhaps?

Lots of love, Rebecca Rose.

Nomader responds:

Sadly, I won't be making the text pink... or will I? Stay tuned sometime soon to find out!

Rebecca, I'm glad you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I can't say I enjoy the flash as much as you do, but I guess that's why you have your opinion. :D

Af-I mean... Rebecca, congrats on yet another response!

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2008
6:42 PM EST

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