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Jungle Dreamscape

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This is a cut out animation for my sophomore Experimental Animation class at the Kansas City Art Institute. All of the imagery is based on my dreams. This was the first animation I made for school that includes sound so Im pretty excited about that. The environment and background where found on Google image search and painted with watercolor. The puppet characters are made from drawings cut out and mounted on Bristol board with joints made from brads. Sound effects are from iMovieHD and flashkit.com.

The video quality is not at its best here because I can't submit the uncompressed .DV video file here on Newgrounds but hopefully its not too terrible. You can also find this animation on youtube but its probably not much higher quality.

Software used:
iMovie HD
Adobe After Effects CS3

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Some people obviously don't appreciate hard work and effort. The sound effects were great too.

Kind of pointless

Ugh, where should I start? The art was maybe a good idea (even though not really my taste), but anything else was just plain poor

mantis0702 responds:

Maybe you could explain why everything was "just plain poor?"


The art in itself was really well put together, and I enjoyed the concept of two dimensional stop motion that wasn't just on one surface. You managed to get it at a good viewing quality too. Short and sweet. Nice one.


I've always liked stop motion animations, and this was no exception.
Although the image quality was'nt all that great, the load time and filesize make it much more easily viewed on sites like newgrounds and youtube.
The sound effects added atmosphere to the animation, and the whole story (although simple) was very understandable.
I hope your teacher will feel the same way, and i hope there will be more like this hitting the portal in the future.

mantis0702 responds:

Thanks thats a great critique. I'm really glad everyone seems to respond to the sound i cut to this. this was my first time trying to time sound effects to the animation. This story line is simple but I like it that way. like you said its understandable and its important for the viewer to get what you are doing with your work. There were a couple more shots I would have liked to do but time is a huge factor and I just didn't have enough. Maybe I'll add them in later and make like a director's cut. hahaha.


Good job... i liked watching it a lot. do another- longer. <3

mantis0702 responds:

Thanks! I hope to do more. This was my first experience with stop motion and I like it a lot.