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Reviews for "Jungle Dreamscape"


Very nice

Tasty LOL

You are right about the quality. Hope the school version was a lot better, and you got a decent grade.

mantis0702 responds:

This isn't due until monday but Im sure I'll get a good grade. :)


You must have some pretty freaky dreams. I like the animation and the sound quality was good; it matched the images on the screen. good luck on your next one.

mantis0702 responds:

hahaha! Yeah this was a combination of about 3 dreams. Im glad you liked it. It was pretty tough for the sound to match right.

Not bad...

...but you should have add a preloader.

mantis0702 responds:

Yeah Im tryin to learning how to do that. I'm really trying to not use the Newgrounds ones. This was made to be a quicktime movie so preloaders aren't really needed.

I loved it!

Brilliant work and use of graphics. I look forward to works from you again :)