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Newgrounds Pass 2

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Author Comments

Subscribe to my Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/IdXnWN

Also, this flash does not promote password hacking, this is just a password game with a Newgrounds makeover.

25/2/08 Thank you for the frontpage ^_^
25/2/08 Thank you for the Daily 3rd and all of the great reviews!
24/2/08 The 'Push the button 1000 times' level is not glitched, just have a think about it.

Use your knowledge of Newgrounds, other popular subjects and applications to gain the passwords. There are 30 pages for 30 levels (the other 30 levels were included in Newgrounds Pass). On each page there will be a riddle, this may be a straight forward riddle or you may need to complete a task to gain the password. The riddles start off relatively easy, then as you might have guessed, they get harder towards the end. Remember Google and other Newgrounds users are your friends if you get stuck :P but please DON'T PM ME unless you've found a glitch. Also, there are 5 secret areas, can you find them all?


Well, this is odd. I know I got Level 32 right. It's "peas" correct? It still doesn't work. I like all the music. I thought this would be something educational.

At least it was creative. I must have played the other ones. This at least seems familiar. I guess it's fine for what it is. I'm just bad at it.

I will probably never see a game like this on Newgrounds again. You made a unique and fun game that everyone can enjoy! I really thought the final ending had a really neat concept to it considering that it's all luck. If you want a hint for the Final Level, it is that you have to single out all the good or neutral trophies until your LEFT with the bad trophy which you can ignore. Also, I thought the Flashing Box puzzle was a little too hard to understand how to solve, but that doesn't take away from the other 59 fun levels that are in this game. Good Job Nicholas-Deary!

Nicholas-Deary responds:

Thank you! That means a lot :)

It's crazy that people are still playing this, considering that it was made in 2008.

31. php5a
32. peas
33. pudding
34. ant
35. face
36. bench
37. grant
38. opaque
39. paper
40. click on the hole in your level 40 icon (inside the knife)
41. vacuum
42. nectar
43. rabbit
44. shelter
45. end
46. treekeepers
47. 19
48. sad
49. act
50. 495
51. norton
52. charlie
53. gravity
54. citadel
55. cookie
56. grape
57. sinerider
58. click on the head in your level 58 this is hard to click
59. teddy
60. click on the far right trophy more help1. on level 47 click on the glove icon 2.press tab then press its eye (right one) itll bring you to a lvel option of 36 37 or 38.

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at the last level, taking the middle one will get you in the warp zome. the far right one is to the credist. ive tried going to the middle one so i know

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element you douche these came before jonbros!

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