Reviews for "Newgrounds Pass 2"


I like the idea of this game.
I give it a 9

Why not a 10 then?
Oh well... how about 9.8?

Graphics are simple, just what's needed, nothing more, nothing less.
But it could be improved a little for the last point (or 0.2 points)

By the way. I curious over level 55, the rotating circle.
Is there a way to solve it within the flash?
I solved it by simply taking a screendump with the key "Print Screen" as I held the circle over the gap.
Then I pasted the screendump into paintbrush.
Took me a few tries but one dump solved it.

If that is the solution, it's a great idea...
...Using what you have available on your computer/internet to solve the puzzle.
Want to see more of that.

Nicholas-Deary responds:

thank you and yes, people should use applications such as Paint, Calculator, Photoshop etc to solve the puzzles if they are too complex to be solved by the human alone.


well thats another one icve beaten, proof the last asks you to pick a trpohy when you pick the right one a video thingy rolls not over apears then a pile of pixel things and credits btw i like the charlie th unicorn reference have you seen falkor the urinator?


Damn, stuck in the level 52 :"Self explanatory". I'm from Finland and if that level is some kind of native riddle I think I'm stuck in there for ever .D

for everyone whu wont stop whining

here u go this game isnt really hard at all just think people and ifu dontknow it u r on the internet the largest place to find information
31 - php5a
32 - peas
33 - pudding
34 - ant (skull is a secret)
35 - face
36 - bench
37 - grant
38 - opaque
39 - paper
40 - click the hole in the meat clever
41 - vacuum (its behind the avatar)
42 - nectar
43 - rabbit
44 - shelter (push "1000 times")
45 - end
46 - treekeepers
47 - sad (secret is the ruby on the glove)
48 - 19 (8+8+3)
49 - act
50 - 495 (15*32+1995/5)
51 - norton
52 - charlie (candy mountain anyone?)
53 - gravity
54 - citadel
55 - cookie
56 - grape
57 - sinerider (its a sine curve)
58 - (smiley face is a warp room)
59 - teddy
60 - the trophy on the right(middle trophy is warp room)

help help help me please!?!?!?!?!

on lvl 50 the maths thing how do you do it i went to the lvl page i did 15x32=480+1991 it didn't work omg help me !!!1

note good game tho