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-UPDATE 2/20/08-
I added a replay button and I got rid of the sprites in the preloader frame.

The Quest For Level 60. Mario will get every NG level episode-by-episode until he gets Level 60 and becomes a Newgrounds God.

Today he finally tries to get Level 4.

This is not a daily series because I'm too lazy.. Uh leave a review, I respond to all.

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THAT WAS THE BEST CREW PRODUCTION I"VE SEEN YET!!! I haven't seen something this good in months, excellent work

Bstuk2 responds:


Uh.. Yoshi when will you learn

The animation was great bstuk2. But yoshi just is using his hard work to get a good score in his series. I don't think a person mooching off of peoples hard work is a good leader. Great animation though.

Bstuk2 responds:

Thanks! yoshi77777 is co-authored for this because he came up with the idea for the series.

You see?

This is what I was talking about earlier Yoshi. You put some effort into this, resulting in great reveiws. Doesn't it feel good when people you don't know actually like your movies? I don't know about you, but I'd rather see some sevens or eights instead of zeros.

A seven for the movie plus two for actual effort. Keep it up, and the greatness I was talking about will come.

Bstuk2 responds:

Actually, yoshi77777 only came up with the idea for the series so I felt like I should co-author him. I (Bstuk2) really made this. I do like the reviews and the score. I always wanted a flash movie that scored above 3.00 and here it is! Thanks for the review.

This was actually good.

What happened? run out of dictators to spoof? Anyway, even though it's not that big, this one is actually not that bad.

Bstuk2 responds:

I'm just continuing an old series. The newer ones will be better since I know what to put in them. Thanks for reviewing.

I'm impressed.

I remember back in December, when these weren't all that good. They didn't have sound, the graphics were poor, there was no background, and they were, at best, worthy of a 2 vote.

Flash forward to February 2008. The idea of yoshi77777 has been picked up by Bstuk2, and great improvements have been made. Sound and backgrounds have been added, the range of sprites has been improved greatly, and these have become much better. I like the change, and I am impressed by the greatly-improved quality of these animations from their December version.
4/5, 8/10

Bstuk2 responds:

Thanks! The next ones wont be as big as of an improvement of this one, because there isn't very much to improve on at the skill level I have. I really do want to finish this series, but I probably wont seeing that I have 56 left.

Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2008
2:54 PM EST

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