Lower Norfair

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This is my Metal version of Lower Norfair from Super Metroid.

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Not bad.

2 words that suggest a major improvement to the tune.
Double Pedal!

If you threw in some heavy double pedal/marching snare parts that interchanged throughout the song, I'm sure this would be 10x better. Anyways, the effort is commendable.

Rev-Deadlypudding responds:

If you look down at the response to Satya's comment, it would be the same as the response to your's. Thanks for the review.

Needs more percussion

I like this version, but i would suggest a bit more of bass line. This is a strong song and the percussion also should be like a march.

At the choir part I would add some panning + chorus effect, the distortion is screechy, add 1 channel of clean sound and one processed.

Don't end it here please make a new improved version.

Sorry about bad english.

Rev-Deadlypudding responds:

I certainly appreciate the review, and I would have loved to have had those things in this recording. However, I don't have the resources available to actually do all of those things. On top of that, I recently lost my entire hard drive (laptop I recorded on up and died), so I won't be making an improved version anytime in even the distant future.


it's a song with some potential, though, it's true that it's kind of agressing for the first half.

And sorry for using your song for this message but i just can't take it anymore:
what's wrong with you reviewers.... making a bad review is destined to be seen as useless... it's not useless at all, JUST WAKE UP. it's constructive for the maker. if it isn't good to hear, and for the first half i think it isn't, then the make should know about it for only him/her can modify it... By the way, i don't care about being banned "again" for saying out loud what I think of this.

again, sorry about taking your song for this message, apologize sincerely and wish you to have success with this song.

Rev-Deadlypudding responds:


While I don't have a problem with you expressing your views, they contradict your own criticism of the song. You made a whole rant on how bad reviews aren't useless and they provide key criticism for songwriters/composers/arrangers to build off of with future works/versions of previous works. However, your own criticism is highly lacking and fruitless. You throw out the word "agressing" which I assume is supposed to mean "aggressive", but it lacks meaning without further clarification. There's something wrong with your criticism when it is all summed up in a single sentence.

Honestly, I felt the rant itself is quite useless as its riddled with grammatical errors and poor spelling. Quite frankly, it is almost illegible. I understand your intentions are of the noblest kind, however please wake up and follow your own advice...

and learn to type.

Way too screechy.

The sound of this just grates on your ears. You've put way too much enphasis on the sound, leaving the notes hidden behind painfully repetitive heavy metal style sound. Try to bring the chords out more from behind the guitar.

Painful to listen to.

Also, the kind of instrument leaves the choir-like style of the original behind, which gave the original its feeling of mystery. This results in your rendition not sounding like it has much of a purpose other than to arbitrarily mix two genres.

That said, it's not so awful as to deserve a 3 or less. It is at least properly composed and played.

Well done.

The guitar sounded good and was spot-on to pitch. My only complaint is that you could have added a little more ambience. Maybe a slightly more involved bass line, like the one from the game?

Rev-Deadlypudding responds:

Well the bass line isn't that involved actually in the game. I thought about playing round some with it, but I didn't want to deviate too much from the actual track (other than the little guitar fills in the bridge).

I DID make the bass distorted and I realize it might not stand out as much as I had hoped.

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Apr 12, 2007
3:37 AM EDT
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