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Avatar Boredom Dub 8

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Furunto Paijuuuuuu?! Haha, friggin awesome beans! Thanks for the front page, Tom, and thanks again Newgrounds!
Daily first?! Thank you Newgrounds for tolerating me! Today is truly an historic day for dubs everywhere.
Here be the eigth installment of Avatar Boredom Dub. I think it may be the longest one I've made so far. I decided to stray away from reference comedy in this one, which some may like and others may not. All voices by me, all art, characters and animation is Nickelodeon's. Now, please ENJOYARU!

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So... Toph is Ringo... Aang is Sigmund Freud... Katara is Cheech Marin... Sokka is Italian... and Zuko is Rick Moranis.


Love this! The script fits their faces so well

Katara sound is funny

Love it!

Just as good as what they actually say in the actual episode....
Especially loved when Aang is like,"There are boomerang schools?"