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Reviews for "Avatar Boredom Dub 8"

Nothing bad to say...

I saw this years ago. I continue to watch it because it is that epic. You've got some awesome voice talent, and I hope to see more Boredum Dubs past #10. Out of all the distinct voices you've given the characters, Katara's is the best.


Pore Zuko

Dang! that is some funny shit right there

But, you know, being violated by a dog is no laughing matter, my best friends was killed like that (i'm lying, but at least im lying funny)

Too Funny

H-hey little guy with the th- the blue thing on his head lol its hilarious cause everyone knows he's the Avatar in the real cartoon.

Do they really have boomerang schools?

I've seen so many of these submissions, but I never got the oppurtunity to review one until now! This was a very funny episode as is really everything else in the series. As you are known for being a voice actor, it's great looking at stuff you did by yourself. You voice talents truly shine here as every character has a distinctive voice and personality. I love how Toph sounds, that seems just like how a person who looks like that would sound. I laughed out loud when Katara hit Zuko with water.

The way the mouths are edited looks very good and authentic to the original style. I guess everyone thinks a gag dub is an abridged series nowadays. I do not recall seeing these on the front page for whatever reason. The voices and emotions go really well with what the characters are signalling through body language, too. Makes me sad I never watched ATLA.