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The Heart and the Hand p1

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Glenn gives Annie a drawing she likes, winning over her heart. Annie spends the rest of the day trying to coax Glenn into romancing her. Unfortunately for her, all Glenn wants to do is draw.

While it's loading, you can read character bios and look at a drawing I did of them. Once loaded, you can either watch the entire animation (5 minutes long) or select a scene to start from, as usual. This is a LOT more light hearted and cutesy than most of the stuff I've done in the past. It's also very music-driven. Keep these things in mind when watching. I also hid a scrapbook in there, SEE IF YOU CAN FIND IT. Well, it isn't THAT hard to find, but it isn't in an obvious place.

EDIT: I said the second part would be done soon, but as anyone can see, it isn't done yet. Hang tight, it's coming.

Everything in this animation, including writing, directing, animation, music, and all the male voices are done by me. Annie's voice is supplied by Rina-Chan.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave a review! I read them all.

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Weird how you had a voice actress for sounds that weren't even words. This was still pretty cute. I appreciate how sincere this is. It was still kind of boring. I did like that bit with the Sun, though. That was well animated.

This has heart to it. Hey, maybe that's where the name comes from! I thought this was just decent. I liked the crayons on all the appendages joke. That probably would happen in real life.

I... don't understand. I know I've seen the finished version of this, but can't find it among your submissions. Did someone else finish this animation? Did you finish and publish it elsewhere?

this is so cute! i would love to see part 2.


I just don't understand it. She loves the idiot who can't draw, but not anyone else? Just seems a little shallow thats all.

Lov'd it :D

The animation isn't really good at all, but when comes that part where the girl goes to the store, it looks pretty amazing!
I can't believe I literally laughed with this! :D

But seriously, teens with crayons?