Defense Shooter Engine

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Just a test I made working on a GTA shooting/defense engine

Not meant to be a game, just walk around and shoot the bot that roams around randomly in the level.

And no, you can't die, either can the bot. IT'S JUST AN ENGINE.

Up to move, click to shoot.


Nice work!

This seems very nice for what you have so far!

I hope to see the final product of it all one day! :)


If you could actually die, it looks like the bot would kill you way too fast. Needs some refinement (I know it's a test) but i guess the ideas there.


no stars or vote cuz this is just a test apparently but I think you should make him look less paper ish, add movement to his body as he walks. Make it so you can sneak up on enemys if you arent in the field of vision. Small size for just movement stick with simple core and you will have alot of room to add extras. Try to shoot for MP highscores and whatnot, might get you in a section.


Well it's a decent defence game, great graphics and movement, but it needs more. Enemies, levels, powerups, highscores, a plot, all that. You can turn this into something real good, keep working!


if it was a game

i'd play it
but thats cuz im into that kinda thing
but still good work

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1.75 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2008
10:11 PM EST
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