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This cartoon is essentially about some animals that get stitched together. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I also hope it inspires you to maybe go out and find some animals to stitch together. Maybe you could create a TurtleMouse, or even a TigerSquid! The possibilities are fucking endless!

Edit - Front Page? FUCK! Thanks Tom or whoever is responsible. It's been a dream of mine to get on the front page for a very very long time. And thankyou everyone for your lovely reviews. Every single one of them fills me with joy.

Yes I am very much inspired by David Firth. Anyone who knows me knows that I idolise the man and his wonderful creations.

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Chilling,just like the rest of your stuff,only that this one had an even stronger Salad Fingers vibe to it.I also loved the warm ending.Something that you must do,however about your flashes is to lower the volume,even at the lowest volume my headphones still boom with this.


Nothing like a warm, fuzzy ending.


That was wonderful, it actually sent a huge chill up my spine. The ending was awesome. Grand job.


great idea and the characteristics of pesonagens and very interesting


This was pure genius man, it was well made, and reminded me a lot of David Firth. This is probably your best flash, that or aborted fetus man. I hope you decide to continue working on gems like this. I anticipate great videos from you in the futue :D

jackthetrippr responds:

Thank you for providing this animation with its 70th review! Brace yourself, because there are gems in production.