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Black Sails

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Author Comments

Black Sails,
A game of Sea Battles.

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Great game but mini map PLEASE!!!!!!

Too bad controls

First of all, the graphics is nice made up, the game is flowing well mostly and has some good elements of realism which gives it depth. Like chains against sails, prunes against crew and so on. As other have mentioned, the battle map is in desperate need of improvement, since you spend time searching for an enemy due to bad camera. Also there is no gain in fighting for a king, or penalty for being pirate (except for the few times you get attacked but let's face it they are seldom occurring). It would be more rewarding if the king could give you a certain city to invade, like a mission. Paying taxes to the king would also make the difference between freelancing pirates and royal privateers more present. In return for loyalty to the king, you could be welcome to enter cities. War between different nations should come and go, otherwise there is no point between having more than two nations. If you serve the king in a missin you could get gold, cannons or better ships as rewards. The only thing you can do now is to get the biggest ship, invade city after city and that's just repetitive and boring in the long run.

Could be much better

I agree with bookwyrm, the camera during battle drives me nuts and having to search a small expanse of water for the enemy is kind of ridiculous. I'm thinking a spotter would have no trouble seeing the enemy ship. I also think you should have made the varying ships have different maneuverability. Not matter what ship I have the enemy and I just end up going round in circles shooting at each other. I can't over take them, even though I have more and larger sails. Makes it hard to have a strategy when it becomes a 'who can shoot faster and harder' battle.
Otherwise, it's a really enjoyable game. Easy to start. Fun sailing around in a ship.

Great game, but...

The fact that the camera doesn't focus on your ship pretty much ruins any fun during ship battles - more than once I crashed into a ship and had to reload because of this, and frankly it ruined the game.
Then there's the crew fights, the instructions said you just had to sail into the midsection of the enemy ship but 9 times out of 10 i ended up reloading because I just kept ending up harmlessly bumping into them while they had a dozen or so clear shots! After a while I felt like a complete idiot for focusing on crew, swords and grape shot and gave up.
Still, those are probably the only flaws I've found with the game and, big as they are, it's probably just me being a noob. All in all it's a great game!
Oh, apart from that annoying as hell voice announcing every obvious action that anyone performed.


Very well done. But you should have added the Dutch :(. They were a big influence in South America. Anyways, Good job!

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2007
7:38 PM EST