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Ball Revamped Duo T W O is in the WORKS!
Check http://www.jmtb02.com/for ums/index.php?showtopic=3 036
for more info and demos.


/-Today's update!-\
/ 28 December 2007\

** Songs completed!
** Bugs completely fixed!

Thanks thoes who vote 4 or 5!!!

Please help me to recommend this for the puzzle and collection!

Are you lagging? Press pause (p) then right click, select Quality and finally select "LOW"
You can change it to HIGH MEDIUM LOW.

(coming soon) Press the button to toggle quality

Guide your ball through 100 levels of juggling MADNESS
and many many power ups! This will stick you HOURS to the computer to get
low deaths and big highscores!
This is a very special christmas present for everyone!
And this is the largest project ever!!!

*** Extras
File Size Increasment
1.3 MB to 1.4 MB to 4.3 MB

You need the latest flash player to play this game!
You need 500++ RAM to play this!

If there are any bugs, please report down. I will fix it.
Please note that some things havent fixed/done:
I will update this as soon as I fixed/redesign it.. =)

This took me 5 months 25 days of HARD work to make this.
So, please enjoy. XD
In case you dont know, my age is just 11,
Dont be harsh on the comments

*original game by jmtb02 (this is a tribute)
*got permission to post this.

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and click digg it!!!

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Ball Revamped: Fucking ( Not ) Impossible Edition.
With unforgiving walls, teeny tiny passageways, broken ass powerups etc. And godawful controls that you created on purpose. But I beat the game so I guess it's not impossible. And I can call myself a supreme Ball Revamped player lol.

Enjoyed this until i encountered the "SlantZ" level, which was a MASSIVE difficuilty spike that made me gave up.
Other than that, everything was good.


This is a 6th sequel, but i must wait for the 7th known as Duo 2. But i beat that game!


I love the song when It's a boss battle

Not bad, but could be much better. The controls are at least a little too sensitive and it takes awhile to stop moving left or right. This makes levels with small passages and areas very difficult, like the swirl levels especially Nitrox72's with the rotating part, the X-directional level, and the Lolxdwordhaha level. It's a little glitchy too, because touching certain powerups doesn't always register, the same teleport will sometimes kill you while at other times it won't (depending on which direction you were traveling when you touched it) like the one in SlantZ, and if you hit a wall right after getting a powerup the game may register a death but you might still survive. The names of the levels at the bottom are sometimes obscured by objects in the level too. It'd also be nice to display the current number of the level that the player is on. The boss is basic and doesn't get harder as you hurt it, and it has an attack that is only avoidable by being in the goal zone at the same time.

By the way, why are some of your levels included in the user levels? Isn't the point of including those to have levels other than those made by the game creator? Or was it because you didn't get enough submissions?

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3.78 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2007
8:34 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 4th Place December 26, 2007