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This is a movie im working on now It is sick mest up and reel good.
Its Called disturbed. And comeing in 2008 I hope youe guys wach it.
Tell me if u guys have any good ideal Tell me.
I will have updates Soon see ya.

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Okay well it's something to look forward to I gues

When there are previews.. I prefer previews that kind of show more than just a 2 second glimpse of something. Nice choice of background music.. but this lacks some detail that gets me to want to watch this when it comes out...

Not a good demo at all

Look, if you want to build suspense for your upcomming work, here a few things you need to do: 1) make it longer 2) other than the seemingly blatant rip of texas chainsaw(yes, I could see him, even if it was the screen for a sec) give us something more to chew on, cause we will forget that you put this up in the first place. and 3) Use spell check please. Nothing takes away from getting into a story than stopping what you're reading to notice obvious spelling errors. Im only giving you my critique so that you may make this better, im not ripping on you.


you do realize of all the typing errors you did, .... right? there is one at the beginning, like.... 2 in the whole movie and one at the end. (perhaps the worse error because its the whole point of the movie)

dude get a dictionary

my spelling is bad, bad, damn, yours is horrendus. i found that you spelling was really off, and there was much too little to grab nor keep my attention. i saw what i think was a crudely drawn character flash though a pillar of light. that was all. there was also the house. if you drew the house that was very good, but being as this isn't a sight to post pretty stills, i have to ask you to enlongate the movie.

the movie was much too short to correctly critisize
i think you might have something though

-the mega god-

Learn To Spell

This is worthless and a waste of hosting space. You misspelled almost every word, and there was not really anything in the animation.

Credits & Info

1.25 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2007
11:59 PM EST
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