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This is my 2nd Flash animation and its abit longer than my last and you could say better lol... not much impovement but better than nothing eh?
Im still not so good with using Macromedia Flash so nothing fancey is used besides a small effect I used "Blurr" everything else is drawn frame by frame. :)
This small project ive been working on is rubbish I know, I actually lost the will to finsh it.. lol
but I thought I'd post it here to get some comments and maybe help from other animators.
Please comment fairly and truthfuly. Remember this is ONLY my 2nd atempt at Flash making.

Also, remember the file is quite big. Due to high quality sound :)

The song is from an all time favorite game of mine, Final Fantasy 10 :)

Best Regards. :)

Thank you all so much for the great reviews! Just need more help.. like the music issue..

P.S Ok, im having a problem with the music.. it doesnt seem to sync in with the animation... could anyone help me?

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Expressive is Impressive.

This is good, especially for a start! Great selection of music I will say that now. If you made videos like this longer, it would be even more impressive. Plus, I would say if I knew ANYTHING about flash I would help you with your music sync problem, but I don't know squat about flash. It seems interesting though for your "sync error" that the music continues to play after it goes back to the Play button, kind of sets the mood of what you just watched. But good luck dude, I coulden't say it any better!

I see it now

I see the whole thing now...that is actually very good! Excellent work for a 2nd flash.

Can't give any help because I don't have flash yet, but soon it will come...

Liam3003 responds:

Thank you! =D

right on mo fo shizzle!



For your second flash this is very well done. i like the quality of the animation unfortuanatly i am not an animator so i can't give you tips but you still did really well. i have seen people do their 10th flash and it is worse than yours (not saying yours is bad).


Liam3003 responds:

Wow, thanks I honestly didnt expect such nice reviews. Im getting a drawing tablet for christmas so animating should be alot easier in the future.

Keep practicing

Keep practicing using and drawing in Flash.
You seem to have potential, especially since that was all frame-by-frame.

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Dec 18, 2007
7:41 PM EST
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