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Bowser's Island Ep. 1

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Author Comments

So this is what i've been working on for a couple of weeks, it IS my first flash, I've had the idea for a while now (Around two years) and finally decided to start on it, now (if its well recieved) I will turn it into a series of episodes.

I would have loved to add a little bit more and background music but with the 10MB limitation it wasn't possible.

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It's your first flash, so it's alright. Sound effects would really help. There's this thing called Compression so movies aren't that many MBs.

Needs sound effects, otherwise nice

Animaion was good, but I think it would really shine if it had sound effects.
Everything worked which was nice, liked dug comming in there.
Keep up the good work.

Not Fresh

Nothing special, could have really used some voice instead of text.

not bad at all for a first

and not bad, even disregarding that fact. i like the mix of hand-drawn art and sprite art - it shows that you at least have an inkling of artistic talent. some shading on the hand-drawn bits would have been nice, especially since you didn't have to focus on character art. the story is pretty decent. it reminded me a lot of Shakespeare's "The Tempest," and the "silly" aspect of it wasn't overdone at all (like "MARIO ATE MAI CAIK OMG I KILL DAT MUTHA").

my main complaints are the lack of sounds and the terrible pacing. you should look up compression tutorials on this site to learn how to get that file size down. some sound would have been nice, like for the waves lapping the beach, and especially for the explosion. regarding pacing, it was slow and obnoxious. speech-text came in far too slow; just have it appear all at once and let the user read it at his or her own pace, and allow said user to press a key (probably the spacebar) to advance it, rather than having to click on an arrow.

other than the lack of sound and the pacing issues, this is very, very good for a first. a great start, good luck with the series.

alright, alright :)

Votin half and half on this one. Good story, keeps you interested, but.. for the love of god XD .. gotta speed up the text bars a bit! And the font color needs to be a bit different then the background, makes the text a bit hard to read on some parts.
And perhaps some mario-themed music, or something in back? It'd help the flash get along better, and keep people watching it, instead of having to wait for the sluggish lil text box to flip up and around.
Other than that.. its nice :D Lookin foreward to part 2.

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2007
12:50 AM EST