Mario Castle Dance Remix

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A dance remix of the Castle Theme. This is my first submission. Enjoy!

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This is really good!
The instruments really fit the song well.
The tune was on point.

However, my only complaint was that it was unclear which theme it was at the start.
Still great though.

I am so addicted to this audio submission!

It makes wanna have a party!


Holy crap...awesome dance mix dude! Do you think I can use this in a DJ playlist? I don't get paid for it but I'll make sure everyone knows its yours.

Great job!

This is the best remix of the Bowser castle theme I've ever heard. Making it a dance remix was very original and it sounds great. I personally think you did a fantastic job and every Mario fan should hear this song.

Holy shit this is awesome!

I'm so tired of the generic orchestral versions of the castle theme. This was a very refreshing take on it. 5/5 10/10