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Megaman bros Xep3-trailer

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Author Comments

Hello to everyone who are reading this.
This is me last trailer better version, verison 2, here I maked some better animacions and thanks IndigoExtreme I have good english, if you are not understand than this time it will not be me fault.
This trailer is a movie what will be in game Megaman Bros X ep.3 ( MasterMarioMX game ) what will come ( I do not have idea when, it will take long ), for now you can watch trailer and play in Megaman bros X ep.1 and 2.
In this movie Zero and Mario are in bowser trap and many assasins are hunting on tham, but for luck someone told Ciel that Zero is in danger, now Ciel took many loyar resistance soldiers, she maked aliance with toad army ( because mushrom kingdom is under war with bowser army ), and Neo-Arcadia is supporting Ciel.
Write now in movie rescue teams are on the way to safe Zero and Mario, but they will have many hard fights on they way so enjoy.
This trailer is having 3 missions:
1 - Show a movie from game what MasterMarioMX is making ( promote game ).
2 - Make you fun, I hope that I will not fail.
3 - Get high score, I have hope that I will be in bests movies in this week, to get there me movie need about 3.8 score, so this is up to you now, give score 5,4 or 3.
Anyway I know that is a big chance that this movie will not get to best of the week, but I hope that movie will have high score.

And sorry to IndigoExtreme that I not added you like a autor of this movie, I added you to budies but it still not showed up and I was unable to take you, I will take you to autor page if I will be able ofcourse.

If game will go to slow than change quality and everythink should be ok.
So nice watching ^_^

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wow very long

great but u need to find vile sprites


what's the name of the song that plays in the scene before the secret (before commanderX appears)

CommanderX responds:

Well, I could tell you but I lost Vindows goes down long time ago and I lost all data and files, now I not can even make flash movies any longer.
Sorry but I realy not reanember.

you know what I hate?

I hate these kind of people that recieve shitty scores on their submissions the day they send them and then go voting 5 the rest of the year when nobody can see their flashes and then go voting 5 again and again and again. thus getting a very undeserved 4.1 as score trying to make themselves believe they are good.

oficially, this flash didnt pass 3.5 the day it was submitted

how do I know?
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/8 27807

the quality of the flash is completely throwaway. for starters, get in touch with a decent voice actor

second, that play button is almost invisible with all the shit you put over it. the entire sprite army is over it.

Finally, Do us a favor and get in touch with someone that knows a little english because all these typos are freaking me out. its SHOOT HIM not shot him

Finally, and actually giving a tip to improve, transform all your sprites to gif. because it looks so shitty being all jpegs around. believe me.

I have nothing else to say, the script was something a 10 year old would pull out.

CommanderX responds:

I m not voting for my movies for a long time ( I learned that highter score not help getting more people to watch movie, so I stoped it )

Well, it is true that in the begining I was doing this, but long time ago I stoped it, and the fact that me score did not goes down mean that I not fail to hard with this movie.

I not understant what mean that it did not 3.5 days ?

The true is that I wanted to make better version of this trailer with better animacions, someone was helping me with english, ( I not use voice of actors, I m using voices from game Red faction 2.
Anyway long time ago me windows goes down and I lost all files about this movie and every other so I could not upgrade tham.
About 4 weeks me windows goes down again, and I not can get macromedia flash.


Very good, like everyone said its a lot better. I'm the kind of person that loves voices over text. Don't get me wrong, that doesnt mean i'd take points off for having text over voice acting. The shooting, like other reviewers stated should be tweeked and made to look as if the sprites were firing at their specific target. Not really your fault just mess around with the sprites and you'll get it. Loved the music. ^_^

CommanderX responds:


Much Better

Bare with me its late here, But I thought I'd watch this before I slept. But you've done a Good Job Its a much better improvement from last time. there are still a few small gramtical errors but the backround has improved alot. The Movie Runs Smoothly, A Idea is to also make a Title Screen, So we know what series we are watching, Prehaps rip the Titles from MMX / Mario Series, and see what you can create.

Best of Luck with your Creation.

CommanderX responds:

Thanks for review and idea.
This is funny but you sayed that this movie is much better improvement from last time, but last time you gove me 9/10 and now you gove me 8/10, funny, are not ?
Anyway this is a trailer of game what will come, but I can call it a first part of me series, I can make a Title Screen in scene when movie is loading or in part when you will press play, I can write " Megaman bros X ep.3 Trailer " or " Megaman bros X ep.3 Rescue Mission " ( I m not shour what I better ), or meaby you have better idea ?

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2007
7:30 PM EST