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HALOMEN2 is here.
The three heroes join forces with would be enemies to take down a hairy menace.
With guest appearances from many of your favorite classic games.
Created by Dan Berry.
Inspired by JohnnyUtah.
Running Time of 5:20.

Warning: Graphics Intense. You may want to lower the quality for smoother viewing.
Thanks for watching and thank you NEWGROUNDS for a place to showcase my hardwork.
Creator's Request: Watch the first one before watching this. It'll probably make more sense.

UPDATE: I've added a Scene Selection and fixed Gordon's head. It annoyed me as well haha.

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The best thing I have ever watched in my entire life

Oh god dis is so well made with chief,steve,and john with a beard

Haha so cool

Amigo a steve le dio coronaviruz XD

i remember this i am your fan i watched you 2014 newgrounds i got scared ads NSFW halomen 1 i can't see i remember you 2014

i am watched you halomen 2021 today
but i watched halomen 1-2
i have returned to newgrounds 2018 :>