Reviews for "HALOMEN2"


The story line are packed with action + comedy. I love it!

danomano65 responds:


OMFG!!!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!

finally, halomen2!!!!!!!
i have been waiting for this for ages!!!
but i dont think it was as humourous as the 1st 1, i reckon number 2 was supposed to be more serious, anyways, i thought it was funny at the end and with the big headed gordon freeman

good job!!!
(i assume that there is gonna be a number 3?)

danomano65 responds:

you sir get a medal for your exciting review. A+. and idk yet. 3 would be far away, if it was to be. I just don't know if i can squeeze one out. This one kinda brings things full circle, if u see what i mean.


I was one of the first to watch this, Yer it was funny

danomano65 responds: