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Update: Nov. 15, 2007

Holy crap on a stick! I'm stunned!! I would have never thought that I would get an award and be frontpaged for this! This is amazing guys, I'm so happy that you guys enjoyed it. I'm working really hard on my next animation, so hopefully it will knock your socks right off your feet! Thanks a bunch guys.


This is the ultimate pop-tart commercial.
Is it delicious? yes.
Does it make you want to buy pop-tarts? maybe.
Does it make sense? probably not.
Is it awesome? i think so.


This was something I made for my school's economics class. The assignment was to make a commercial for anything we wanted. Our group chose pop-tarts because EVERYONE loves pop-tarts! I went way overboard on the assignment but it's all good.

I make a cameo at the end of the commercial if anyone cares. i always wear a white hat, and i'm well aware that i can not dance.

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the darn ruffle player doesn't work


This Dude beat up my Breakfast!!!!!!
If I see him its gonna be ugly =)

just kidding
Nice Flash or some like that ..


Now I want a Poptart!!! *randomly dances* Poptarts are good.


not many flashes have the power to make me laugh, this one with it's random...randomness, did. lol.


GREAT VIDEO!!!! 1()/1()