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Reviews for "UltimatePopTartCommercial"

Not for Newgrounds

This is the kind of thing that would work on youtube...

regarding simpson-bruvas review

NG, yes, it does specialize in flash animations, however, I don't believe NG was ever limited to ONLY flash animations. for instance, the claymations that are very popular on the site, are technically not flash animations at all, but rather stop-motion films.

i won't argue whether this submission is lame or not, after all people have their individual tastes. however, at least understand what the author went through to create this work, and grade it accordingly. "whoever was in the pop tart costume is really bad a fighting.." just demonstrates that you have no flipping idea.

on a side note: alma looks retarded -.-


NG is the home of flash not the home for any fool and their video recorder!!! if you want to make a lame video put it on youtube! if you want to make a flash put in on newgrounds!! keep this lame junk away from my beloved NG you are polluting it with garbage... whoever was in the pop tart costume is really bad a fighting..

RAWRoutLOWD responds:

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take this offensively or as a compliment. It means a lot for you to think that my animating skills are so realistic that you can't tell the difference between animation and reality. Cool beans!!



Dude this was just hilarious. Can you please tell me the name of the song you used because i liked it.


this is the most randomest funny thing ive erer seen.