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The Spirit of Halloween 2

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Vampires, werewolves, zombies, caves, traps, battles, and even Blockhead appear in this second part of the Halloween adventure in which Marco, Petey, and Kimbles set out to discover the true spirit of Halloween.

Though this is the sequel, you can still comprehend most of what's going on without watching the first part. But if you have time, you might want to anyway.
I added some buttons you guys were asking for after the last one.

Special thanks to Michael Swain for voicing his appearance.

Oh, and... Happy Halloween!

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This reminded me of a series by Hotdiggedydemon. Even the animation seemed similar. I guess it reminded me of "Invader Zim", a classic show. The voices are really nice. It helps that these characters are so much fun. It's great how you waited so long to make a sequel.

Kimbles even reminds me of Gir. I loved seeing some other Newgrounds characters in the stand. I am glad I didn't know Blockhead was in this. Wow, it was even featured in the collection! The animation's nice too.

While some of the animation was simple, it was really well done. I love the style. The block head cameo was really cool. Breaking the fourth wall was kinda funny.

I love the Blockhead part
I need a priest