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Lethal Injection

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EDIT: Wow 23,000 views and counting. This is way more than I could have ever asked for. Thanks!

I ask everyone to be fair with this submission. I know it doesn't make much sense, the animation is incredibly abstract and the sounds are just as abstract. Nevertheless, even if you didn't like it i ask you to consider the effort put into this, several weeks most of which i did not want to be working on this. And I assure you there is a story, though it is incredibly abstract. I won't tell the story though, it'll be interesting to see some of your interpretations of it :')

Animation is based off of the first song you hear in the beginning called 'Lethal Injection' by Raz0r.

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what the F*** that is so weird

Isn't that senseless.

It is true, fear is one of the most important weapons. Morale loss can defeat an enemy easier than weapons. That's one of the reasons why ABC-weapons are so effective. And they are almost as terrible a this injection.


it was kinda weird watching it, the idea of such a weapon is indeed quite terrifying,the movie can be abit hard to follow though it seems that it's a bunch of separate stories at first.


I may be against the death penalty due to how impractical it is, but I'm not going to let my politics or opinion of you affect the score. However, your attempts at being abstract were weakened by how disjointed this was. No offence Notorious, you have the drawing and animation abilities; but lack basic direction skills. If you're going to emulate David Lynch or Em Kaah (Goldilocks, Lick My Chakra), you could at least working on a few short stories before you try something like this. Outside of the directing issues this has, the art and animation are above average except at two areas where the character looks rushed. However, I liked that classical score you used at the poetry parts, which set a good tone. The other songs, by contrast, felt out of place for something like this.

What I like about this:
-Good tone
-Two of the songs fit
-Above-average art and animation in most parts

What I don't like:
-Some of the drawings were rushed.
-Some of the songs were unfitting.

Overall: Even though I think you are one of the most arrogant, conceited, and whiniest cartoonists on here (I've read your posts on Egoraptor, Xionico, and Alvin-Earthworm), I'm not going to let that affect the score I'm about to give you: 7/10. However, if you were to show this to either Death Penalty advocates such as N0-G0D or critics such as Gel; this will get torn apart. As much as you despise Ego, Xionico, and AE; at least they know how to direct.

fun weapon invention.

i hope it gets created someday. that should be fun.^-^ omnomnomnomnom. >:D