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Yeah, he has no genitalia.

*Thanks for front page!!!
*Right click for options.

"Someones scattered my gems all over the place. Who? I don't know. But if their gone for too long they'll lose their power, so hurry up. Try not to get hurt either, I don't want you coming back in bits. Oh, and go naked, it's just... a thing of mine"
- The Royal Wizard

A short project to get things going before our next big release or whatever.

Thanks for playing, we hope you enjoy it.

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This is an awesome game, I love it. I suck at it, but I love it.

I love the simple design in this game. The character is like a humanoid blog, so damn cute, even when he's standing still he's just swaing from one side to the others. The monster at the beginning look a bit like Goombas, but after that they're all varied. The music, the sound effect and the tokens are all really ambient, and the round theme of both textures and cahracters and items is nice, it's balanced somehow. Smooth controls, a breathing background and a dead simple interface. It's a fun game!



its really cool to play on if you play it you will love it

music is good game is :(

The music is good but the game ain't that good try harder next time.


Slow paced and overall not the most entertaining. But very well made, rather beautiful scenery. 7/10