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Random Sentence Game

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I like review
Post the funny things you got aswell
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I killed a slut Because Im in love

Aprime responds:


i dreamed about my true love because i'm sexy

1- I bitch slapped P. Diddy because he stole my taco
2- I pimp slapped Bob Dole because they punched me
3- I killed A Slut because I love it
4- I stabbed 1000 people because I keep it gangsta
5- I asked out your mum because I can

i kicked a car because i love it

Aprime responds:

Hahaha :3

Using this game, I decided to create a story. I would then have to find a way to link all the random sentences together. Here it goes:
One day-
I dreamed about my ex girlfriend because I was high.
Upon this revelation, I decided to wander the streets in search of her. After a while-
I kissed a banana because they needed help.
Indeed, I didn't need my ex-girlfriend. She didn't appreciate me. But this banana did and it needed me. So-
I killed Salad Fingers because I can.
See, Banana really hated Salad Fingers. Vegetables and fruit have a long standing conflict. Still, I had second thoughts about where this relationship was head. It was best-
I cut a cheerleader because the teacher said so.
I had asked my trusted teacher on what to about my relationship with Banana. He had said the best way to smooth over the conflict was to cut a cheerleader. I did feel relieved. But I still did not feel completely at ease. On my next date with Banana-
I beat your mom because they punched me.
We had been having such a nice dinner when your mom walked in and punched me, saying how banana love was evil. Outraged, I defended my fruity lover. After leaving the restaurant early Banana and-
I squashed P. Diddy because they punched me.
It was his fault. He degraded me in front of my banana love. We had to do it. I was eager to get home at this point. The violence was really heating up everywhere. Everyone was out to get me and Banana. So-
I licked my true love because they smell.
Banana's self-esteem had been hurt and it was emitting a horrid odor. I licked Banana to comfort it, but I admit-
I kicked Salad Fingers because they asked if I was gay.
I could no longer face the guilt. I did not attack then kill Salad Fingers because I was in love, but rather over my wounded pride. I missed my ex-girlfriend. Banana had just a way to distract myself from that hurt. And when Salad Fingers accused me of being gay, my anger just erupted for that was the very reason my girlfriend broke up with me in the first place.
It was only coincidence that Salad Fingers was Banana's enemy. I had lead Banana on all this time and blamed it for my violent outbursts, but really I was to blame. My aching heart just boiled over. With tears in my eyes, I told Banana it was over and threw it in the trash can where I found it.

Aprime responds:

Brilliant! That's new!

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4.55 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2007
1:51 PM EDT

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