Reviews for "Random Sentence Game"

I shaved A cheerLeader Because my mum sad so
Ha ha ha
I grabbed my hand because i can do that
I killed a white boy because teacher said so
I printed salad finger because they smelled
Ha ha The first one is truly funny

Aprime responds:

Haha awesome. Might make another one.

I stroked a book cause Jerry Jackson told so!

Aprime responds:


I saved Chuck Norris because they needed help.

Sentence 1. I Dreamed About 1000 People Because i am superman.

Sentence 2.I Saved Your Mum because i am in love.

Sentence 3. I Squashed my girlfriend because No One Can stop me!

Sentence 4. I Sucked my hand because i can.

Sentence 5. I made out with my True Love because they needed help. (That 1 sounds kinda sweet but weird at the same time.) OK AWESOME GAME!!! :)

I would never cut a cute monkey !


Aprime responds: