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Cow Tippin'

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Edit #2: I am aware that the game is glitchy once you enter the higher levels with large amounts of speed, stealth, and power. Once I have the time to fix these bugs, I will, but now I'm pretty busy with school.

Edit: Thanks for the front page
Read the instructions before you play!!!
All levels are created dynamically, so there is no end.
When the text "Return back to the fence" appears, you have tipped all the cows in the level.
There is a maximum of 8 cows per level
You are a bandit, and your goal is to tip as many cows as you can. The game is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Hope you enjoy!!

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really addictive!

Really fun, I got up to level 20. my strength was like 50, and I would just walk past a cow it would fall down even before the "cow's health" bar even showed up! Just like the perons below me, I got the title "h4xOrz!


lol made it to lvl 21 and got the title "h4x0rz!!!" after you get 15 stealth your set, lost cus i got my power to 48 and was tipping the cows to fast which made to much noise XD seriously i touched em and they fell, no joke, i had fun with it though, ending stas were 15 stealth, 50 speed, 48 power :p pwned

It wasnt that good

When you play it it gets a little boring before you finish becuz it is so slow moving and there is no plot and the graphic were a little cheesy.Maybe if you put a little more gameplay and made it not so...slow it would be better like if it was more of a run and jump game where u had to get through obstacle to get to the cow i would have liked it more.

not good at all

on the first level i walked for like 80 seconds just to get to thefirst cow.... i dunno how u are supposed to get back to fence in time without the farmer noticing, and then just tipping the cow takes like 20 seconds... could have been better graphics since this doesnt seem like a big game...


slow moving but its okay

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3.38 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2007
8:15 PM EDT