Miss.Dynamite VIII

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Miss.Dynamite's Interactive Comic. Each month, the audience decides what will happend next. Violent, sexy, mean and funny!


Aw yeah, sound! :D Getting better and better, and crazy as ever.


I remember when we thought The Backstreet Boys were the most annoying singers. Boy, were we wrong! I wish you'd make more of these now to show Justin Bieber getting killed. I guess it would be a bit too obvious. I thought this was too short. I do hate the Spice Girls, though.

The music was nice. It's weird how this was pro Pokémon. This was in a time when everyone seemed to hate it. You were really ahead of your time! You made these cartoons in such a short time.

dam et
now its not englihs why france languagee make thiss english with a new remake.

12 years and still funny as hell

Some Decent Action

One question before I begin my review: Why does Miss Dynamite start with episode 8? Where did you submit the first 7? Anyways the quality was very nice and the beginning layouts for Miss Dynamite's character begin to show which is nice even back then the series had great action and quality. I've always enjoyed the plot of miss dynamite which you've always clearly put some great work into! The pace and sense of timing is perfect not to long nor short keep up the great work there even nowadays I'm one of the Miss Dynamite followers.

One thing is the storyline is confusing and doesn't make much sense it starts off with them slicing up the backstreet boys. My main problem was the unclear, quiet and mostly muffled up voice acting it takes so much away from the plot.

Keep up the great work I suppose as I said I still follow the series the quality and action's great just hard to hear voices and a confusing plot takes away from the epicness of the flash.

-TY Reviews

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2000
9:57 PM EDT